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20 Mar 2014

Fotografia panoramica di YorkYork it’s a very famous and interesting city in the north-east of England.

York is about 2,000 years old and it’s an important historial city. The name is from the Viking name for the city YORVIK.
York is a famous for its cathedral. The name of the cathedral is York Minster. It’s 1,000 years old and its architecture is amazing.

They are Roman in origin.
The Shambles is the name of a famous street in the historical centre. Today it’s an important shopping area.
The tourist attracton in the city is THE JORVIK CENTRE.
It’s a reconstruction of York in the Viking era. It’s really interesting and it’s a great museum for young people.

Written by Alice H.

la cattedrale di York


Una strada tipica di York


Il logo del museo dei vichinghi di York


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