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20 Mar 2014

fotoMy name is Camilla Nigi, I’m 11 years old. I’m from Bagno a Ripoli near Florence. My school is Granacci middle school, in this school there are fifteen classes. My best friends are Laura, Benedetta, Elisabetta, Alessandra and Ilaria!. We’re in year 7. My favorite singer is JOVANOTTI, he is Italian and his song “ESTATE” is fabulous, but there are other!!
Leonardo Pieraccioni is my favorite actor. He is Italian too, and he is in the film “IL CICLONE”. It’s a fabulous film!! My favorite actress is LUCIANA LITIZZETTO. She is in “Genitori e Figli”, too!
Finally, my favorite animals are the DOGS, HORSES, LION and TIGERS, they are beautiful animals, I have two….. names are RUDY (young) PEDRO (old)!!! My favorite sport is HORSE BACK RIDING !! Beautiful sport!!!!

Camilla Nigi




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