Visit to Galileo Galilei’s Museum

On 25th of February I went to school, but I didn’t do lessons in class, I took the bus with my class and we went to the Museo Galileo for the project learn English with science.

At first we saw the water clock and Karen (the guide) explained to us that it works thanks to the water, then we went to the 2nd floor and we saw: the binocular (with inside two telescopes), the astrolabe and two optical tricks, one is a picture with two faces that in one face there is Carlos of Lorena and in the other face Cristina (his daughter) and if you put a mirror you can see the two pictures; in the other optical trick there is a picture with some drawings and if you see it with the prismatic lens you see the picture of Ferdinando II de’ Medici.

We saw an Arab globe made in 1085 with on the constellations of the stars.

Then we saw the biggest armillary sphere in the world (made Antonio Santucci); it is made in beech because it is flexible. It represents the geocentric theory that put at the centre the Earth then the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Then we saw the geometric military compass and a compass that if you open it is a normal compass, but if you close it, it becomes a dagger to use in the war.

Than we see the book that wrote Galileo about his discoveries with the four satellites of Jupiter. Then we saw the thumb and the little finger of the hand of Galileo; the guide told us that when Galileo died he stayed in a coffin for four hundred years and than they took the fingers.

When we finished to see the fingers we saw some types of thermometers; one is the frog thermometer that you have to put on the wrist and if the little balls in the thermometer fall you have a fever and with this we ended the visit. we went into a room with some experiments that all can test then we took our jackets and we went back to school.

Site of the museum

a cura di Fabrizio M.

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