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The hard Rock Cafè

21 Mar 2016

The hard Rock Cafè is the name of a very famous chain of
restaurants.There are Hard Rock Cafes in London,New
york,Paris,Tokyo,Rome and a lot of other big cities
in the world.In total,there are 143 Hard Rock Cafes in 42 different

The food at the Hard Rock Cafè is usually very good.Some is fast
food,for example,burgers and chips,but there are a lot of other
things on the menu.You can eat
healthy food such as chicken,salmon and salads,too.

But people don’t usually go to a Hard Rock Cafe for the food.they
go for the music!!Ther’s alaways rock music and you can often
listen to local rock bands and
singers.A lot of Hard Rock Cafes are also rock museums.The Hard
Rock Cafe in New York,for example,has got some of Elvis Presley’s
clothes and it has also got
some personal possesion from The Beatles,Nirvana,Madonna and Gwen
Stefani on its walls.

The original Hard rock Cafe opened in london in 1971.The owners
were two young American men.At first,it was just a trendy
restaurant where a few musicians ate.
One day,the famous British guitarist,Eric Clapton,gave the owners
his guitar.they put it on the wall.The next week the guitarist,Pete
Townshend,sent his guitar
and the owners put that on the wall,too.People started to talk
about the restaurant and famous musicians began to send their
possesion.Today the Hard Rock Cafes
around the world have got 70000 guitars and alot of other
interesting rock memorabilia!!

Hard Rock Cafes usually have a shop and tourist often buy Hard Rock
Cafe t-shirts.Each t-shirt has got the name of the city where the
restaurant is.Some people
travel to Hard Rock Cafes all over the world and buy a t-shirt in
every restaurant!!

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