20 Apr 2016

The city of Washington takes its name from GEORGE WASHINGTON,the first president of the USA.
The capitol in the area near the between msriland and virginia.Washington dc is not a state.Distriet of columbia is in the pacific northwest of the USA.
This is the White House the home of the Washington.Its address is 1600,Pennsylvania Avenue,and it was one of the first buildings in the new city.The building took eight years (1792-1800)to buiold,but President Washington never lived there.In 1800,the first president moved in -President John Adams .Evrey day,about 6,000 people visit the White House.The United States Congress-the American Senate and the house of rapresentative-meents here to discuss new bills to make laws.Every four years,on the steps of the Capitol,there is a speech to welcome the next US president.Abraham Lincoln is one of the most famos American Civil War(1861-1865)between the 11 Southern(Confederate)states that were for slavery,and the Northern(Union)states that were against it.In 1865,only six days after the new law was passed,Lincoln while he was watching a play at the theatre.It is an enormous building,with a statue of Lincoln inside.Lincoln was the 16 president of the usa44 Barack Obama .The national Mall is 3 km long,with the Lincoln memorial at one end and the Capitol at the other end.There are many other monuments and museums all around the national Mall.One of these is the Washington Monuments. It is 169m high and is a memorial to president washington.All around the monument are flagpoles,with one flag for each state


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