Dialogo di Inglese

7 Feb 2016

Lorenzo: Hi guys
Matteo e TOMMASO: Hi
Lorenzo: Did you have a good evening yesterday?
Matteo: So so because I was ill
Lorenzo: Sorry about that
TOMMASO: I had a good time
Matteo: Yesterday I thought that we could take a trip together
TOMMASO: Thats’ s a good idea
Lorenzo: I’d like to visit Amsterdam
Matteo: So this weekend we’ll meet at the train station
TOMMASO: I’m sorry but tomorrow I have got an appointement with the dentist.

On Friday at the station

TOMMASO ASS.: Hello, can I help you?
Lorenzo: Yes, please. We’d like two tickets to Rome
TOMMASO ASS.: Single or return?
Matteo: Return, please. How much is that?
TOMMASO ASS.: That’s £26,00
Matteo: Here you are. What platform does it leave from?
TOMMASO ASS.: Platform 8
Lorenzo: And at what time does the next train leave?
TOMMASO ASS.: It usually leaves at 2:00 o’ clock p.m. but it’ll about 40 minutes late today because it had a technical failure
Matteo: Oh no! We hope to take flight!
Lorenzo: It’s true we have a flight at 6:00 o’ clock p.m.
TOMMASO ASS.: These are your tickets and have a good trip.

At the airport

Matteo: Ouf! We arrived on time
Lorenzo: Good afternoon, we have two tickets to Amsterdam on flight number ALG 435 and we’d like to check in, please
TOMMASO ASS.: Yes, have you got any luggage?
Lorenzo: Yes, I have got a suitcase and a rucksack
Matteo: So do I
TOMMASO ASS.: That’s ok. I’m sorry but the flight will be about 30 minutes late because today there is a lot of wind
Matteo: Oh! What time is the boarding?
TOMMASO ASS.: At 6:00 o’ clock at the gate number 8, but before, I must examine your documents
Matteo: Oh no! I forgot my passport
Lorenzo: Don’t worry it’s also valid id card
Matteo: Thank God!!! Ok here you are
Lorenzo: Is everything ok?
TOMMASO ASS.: That’s fine. Good bye and have a nice stay

In the plane

Lorenzo: We really had a bad day
Matteo: You’re right
Lorenzo: When we arrived at the hotel I put myself to sleep
Matteo: So do I, I really tired.

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