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Korean Breakfast

18 Mag 2021

Korea has more than twenty million people and it’s a metropolitan city, Korea is a state in east asia and its capital is Seoul.

In Korea there are many very trendy K-Pop stars, there are many of them who have a lean physique because most Koreans eat a very controlled diet.

Galbi is a dish based on grilled beef or pork ribs.
Kimchi is made from fermented vegetables, fish sauce and spices, mainly chilli, ginger and garlic.
Bibimbap is a dish that comes as a mixture of rice and vegetables, and sometimes eggs and beef or chicken.
Tteoks are rice dumplings.
Kimchi is the most famous and known in Korea and outside Korea because during the SARS outbreak in Asia in 2003, many people believed that kimchi could help them against
infection. Even if there was no scientific evidence, sales of the product went up by 40%.
Kimchi: 30 kcal
Galbi: 121 kcal
Tteok: 218 kcal
Bibimbap: 634 kcal

With 68 calories, Kimchi is an aliment with few fats.
As a vegetable base ingredient, Kimchi provides only two grams of protein, and low amounts of sugar and carbo-hydrates, but has some grams of fibers.l

It’s eaten very frequently; An adult eats 50 to 200 grams of kimchi per day.
Koreans don’t have a specific time to eat Kimchi, they eat it for all meals.

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