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Breakfast in Thailand

18 Mag 2021

This is this symbol of Thailand its name is Phra Khrut Pha.
Is pictured a Javanese eagle, it served to indicate the authority of king.

Thailand is located in Asia

There are three season in Thailand, the first starts from November to February,
The second season starts from March to May, the weather is very high and reaches the maximum temperature of 35 degrees,
The third season starts from May to October.
The capital is Bangkok,
Bangkok is famous for her temples.
In bangkok there is a very long river of 372 km, the chao phraya. Another famous place in Thailand of Phuket.

In Thailand there are 2 types of rice porridge, the thickest is the jok (โจ๊ก) an the most soupy is the khao Tom (ข้าวต้ม).

Jok: the jok is cooked with grains of rice, during cooking the rice grains melt and form a thick porridge, it is salty and it isn’t sweet.
Thailandesi add chicken and spices like ginger, pepper, chilli.
Also in jok there are soy sauce and cucumbers.


Kao Tom: Kao Tm is cooked with grains of rice like jauk but it’s different because it’s most soupy.
Jok is a very nutritious meal.

There are a lot of spices like onion, pepper and ginger fresh
The rice is very important but the best is jasmine rice that is use to accompany a lot foods
The Thailand cooking is very famous becouse is very spicy
Thailand people eat soup for breakfast.