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Breakfast in Japan!

18 Mag 2021

Traditional Japanese breakfast is considered a luxury.
The most important and fundamental thing, however, is that this breakfast is made up of healthy and nutritious foods.

Now let’s see an example of what are the dishes and foods that make up the typical Japanese breakfast.
Food is more like a lunch than a breakfast.
Breakfast takes place from 8:00 until 11:00.

It is a Japanese pickle. In Japanese cuisine, tsukemono can be served as a snack with rice or as a side dish, side dish or appetizer. Japanese pickles are commonly pickled in salt or brine, although they can also be preserved in vinegar, soy sauce, miso.

Also called tamago or dashimaki, it is a typical dish of Japanese cuisine, it is a Japanese omelette.
It is also called atsuyaki Tamago which means large fried egg.

NATTO (cover image):
Is very simply fermented soybeans.
These are often eaten during breakfast along with steamed white rice.
Put on rice for example, but you can put it in sushi, bread, miso soup, noodles etc. When you eat that, you can add various ingredients, such as karashi, a spicy sauce.

Is the food that, along with rice, is considered the backbone of breakfast.
Miso soup is the basis of every Japanese’s daily diet, eaten for breakfast or as an appetizer, hot in small ceramic bowls with lids.

Is one of the two foods always present in the traditional Japanese breakfast.

It is eaten without salt, accompanied with soy sauce, sesame seeds or miso broth; it is an essential dish that accompanies proteins and side dishes, it is easy to digest and is great for breakfast.

Dorayaki are small Japanese sweets that are like pancakes.
Dorayaki are made from two discs that come together thanks to a layer of bean’s cream called anka but you can use hazelnut cream or jam.
Dorayaki originally had only one disc; the current two-discs form was invented in 1914 by Ueno Usagiya.
The name dorayaki is due to their shape like a gong, In Japanese “Dora”.

Japan is a nation in the Pacific Ocean that borders only the sea; it includes four large islands and is located on the continent of East Asia. Japan has densely populated cities, imperial palaces, national parks in the mountains and thousands of temples.
The territory is largely mountainous Tokyo, the capital, is located on the largest plain of Japan or the Kanto plain and the capital is famous for its skyscrapers, shopping and pop culture.

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