Our class isn’t a normal class, but don’t worry! It’s just that we are crazy, lovely and a little  chatty . Anyway we don’t care about other people’s opinion, we are ok just as we are.

We are not a class that studies too much, and for this reason our teachers often complain about our behaviour. In class we are noisy and  we are often agitated.

We have ten italian lessons a week, four math lessons, three hours of English, two of Science, IT and Spanish. Then we have other subjects only once a week. We have a great study method: we often watch films about the topic that we are studying in a determined moment, even in original language and then we talk about the film.The biggest problem in our class is that it is divided into small groups which have fun on their own but sometimes it happens that they argue . This subdivison persists even during class projects and for this reason some groups aren’t cooperative . Despite everthing, in the class there is a strong friendship that makes us working and having fun together.

We would like to do many trips also out of the Europe, but there aren’t teachers who can do that with us.

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