The influence of social networks on youngs

Social networks occupy a considerable time in the life of young people but they have an impact on people of all ages, as well.

The real problem is that teenagers have become addicted. You realize it when you look at a group of friends that are using their mobile phones.

There are also some positive aspects in using social networks. They are useful to keep in touch with people or to provide opportunities to empower yourself. Sometimes, using social networks can help the creations of a trivial and superficial culture which make people unable of socializing.

Social networks can be addictive and pull young people away from real life, can make them lose the true morals, or the sense of real communication.

This dipendece can also cause a shift away from the study. Young boys and girls often become part of the social network because else they feel, or nay are made to fell strange to the group and then not popular. This is very serious for adolescents because they are created inside them empty and are willing to do anything to be accepted: and at the end the young people post on the social photos and videos even in sexy or provocative attitudes. The latter, in addition to not be excluded from the circle of friends are also made as a joke or for some compensation.

On these sites you can also make very dangerous “friendship”.

These reports may also come out of drug problems or pedophilia the problem pf addiction to these social network remains a serious problem; is the parent, howerver, control the children and ensure that they understrand the true values of life and that we must also socialize in real life.

The problem of cyber-bullying, drugs and child abuse are common, but there is still the police post that controls, in addiction to the appropriate sectors of the various social networks. Each guy then may denounce these situations.

The social networks can be very important for teens but you should not abuse it.

Emma Piemontese

Silvia Majonchi

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