Waterpolo is a team sport born in the 19th century in England and Scotland. In a waterpolo match there are 2 teams. Each team has 7 players. They can be replaced all the times you want but when someone does 3 serious fouls he’s out.
The players have to shoot with one hand exclused the goalkeeper. After the 4 periods the team with more points wins. Since the first edition of the Olimpic games waterpolo has become very popular.
The game field is a rectangle split down in the middle. Every team has 7 players and 6 on the bench.
One team has a white cap and the other a black one.
The Italian waterpolo championship is a set of waterpolo tournaments.
The highest division is Serie A1 with 12 teams; the other divisions are Serie A2, Serie B, Serie C and Serie D.
The first edition was played in 1912. There were 2 teams: Genoa and Partenope.
A waterpolo match lasts 32 minutes only in A1 and A2 with 4 periods and every period is 8 minutes.In B,C and D it lasts 28 minutes and every period is 7 minutes.
I’ve played waterpolo since 2013 when I was 10 years old.
I started waterpolo with my friend Sandor. The first year was amazing with the final tournament that we won thanks to my goals. The second year our coach was Fabio Gambacorta.
That year I started to do official matches. I scored my first goal vs NGM with an Alessandro Carnesecchi assist. We lost the Final at the penalties vs Prato.
The third year I was one of the most important person in the team and I scored 20 goals in a season.
We arrived second and we lost vs Prato again .I also played with U-15 and I scored 7 goals.
This year my coach is Luca Minetti. We played 2 matches and I scored an hat-trick.

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