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Walking tour of Florence

We are Marta, Martina and Sofia. We will be your tourist guide.
We live in Florence.
It’s a very beautiful city in Italy.
It’s famous all over the world for its monuments and museums.
In this article we are going to talk about two of the most beautiful buildings in Florence:

RedazioneWalking tour of Florence

Minecraft: a wonderful game

Hi! Today we’re here to speak you about Minecraft. Minecraft is a videogame made by Mojang for every device. It can be used both to play and also for educational use.
It’s a world made of blocks with five games mode (creative mode, survival mode, adventure mode, spectator mode, hardcore mode) and four levels of difficulties (peaceful, easy, normal, hard).

Carlotta BizzarriMinecraft: a wonderful game

Hip Hop

In this article we are going to write about our passion, Hip Hop. It is very COOL and we have fun to practice it . We go dancing once a week on Thursday. We started Hip Hop last September.

AdminHip Hop