Our class is the 3E of Masaccio School. We’re twenty, we’re ten boys and ten girls. Four of us come from foreign countries (Albania, Colombia, the Philippines) and two of us speak another language because their parents are from Greece, Albania and France.

We’re a very close class, we like to hang out with each other and have fun. Many of us have been friends since primary school others haven’t. We have become friends straight away, for this we regret not being in class together in scuola Superiore. Some will be in the same school but not all of us. We’ll try to go out together anyways. For three years we’ve shared emotions of all kinds, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried and also joked. We love our class and we would like to stay together for ever, but we know that everyone has a different dream or a different plan for the future.

We hope you liked this presentation.

Emma, Martine, Nora.

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