Minecraft: a wonderful game

Hi! Today we’re here to speak you about Minecraft. Minecraft is a videogame made by Mojang for every device. It can be used both to play and also for educational use.
It’s a world made of blocks with five games mode (creative mode, survival mode, adventure mode, spectator mode, hardcore mode) and four levels of difficulties (peaceful, easy, normal, hard).

Games mode:
– creative mode: in this game mode you can fly without limits and in your inventory you have all the objects of the game and you can build every thing;

– survival mode: in this game mode you spawn in your world without anything and you have to survive. But you have to pay attention to many things, because there are many hostile mobs that hurt you. Furthermore you can die of hunger, of fall damage, of fire damage and you can be poisoned and you can drown. You can go in two parallel dimensions: the Nether and the End, and there are two boss, the Ender Dragon and the Wither;

– adventure mode: this game mode is like the survival mode, but you can’t brake or put any block;

– spectator mode: in this game mode you can only fly and see the world, and you can go across the blocks;

– hardcore mode: this game mode is like the survival mode, but you have only one life and if you die the world will be deleted.

The mobs:
There are four types of mobs: hostile mobs, not hostile mobs, useful mobs and tameable mobs.
They are:

-Hostile mobs: silverfish, spider, cave spider, slime, creeper, skeleton, zombie, villager-zombie, baby-zombie, witch, enderman, custodian, old custodian, endermite, ghast, magma cube, blaze, wither skeleton, pigman-zombie, baby pigman-zombie, dry zombie, summoner, vex, errant, defender. The boss: Wither and Ender Dragon;

-Not hostile mobs (animals): pig, sheep, cow, chicken, rabbit, squid, bat, polar bear, ass, llama, mooshroom, mule. If you kill some of them it drop you some food;

-Useful mobs: they are create by the player and are the snow golem and the iron golem;

-Tameable mobs: you can tame them with raw fish or bones. They are the wolf and the ocelot.

More info:
-Herobrine: Herobrine is an unbeatable mob, but no one know what is really. Someone think he’s a hacker, someone think he’s a mob of the game.
When he appeared in your world he devastated it with constructions, blocks and TNT.

-The villagers: the villagers spawn and live in a village and you can switch with them objects for emeralds or emeralds for objects.

The comments:
Tommaso Bartolozzi: I received this game on my 12th birthday from my parents, and me and Matteo usually play it every day on the evening. I reccomand it to people who have a big creativity and like to build and to do electronic circuits (with the redstone).

Matteo Morelli: I received this game on my 12th birthday from my parents, on 18th November. I reccomand it to people who like adventure and action.

A snowy valley

Official Minecraft web site: https://minecraft.net/it/
Unofficial Minecraft web site: https://www.minecraft-italia.it/
Minecraft in education: https://education.minecraft.net/

Carlotta BizzarriMinecraft: a wonderful game
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