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Breakfast in Japan!

Traditional Japanese breakfast is considered a luxury. The most important and fundamental thing, however, is that this breakfast is made up of healthy and nutritious foods.

Breakfast in Argentina – Food and Drink

The breakfast in Argentina is called desayuno or colación. The Argentina’s breakfast it included more dishes for example in the currently breakfast there is a new drink called “mate”, which is accompanied by tortas fritas (fried cakes) and facturas (pastries).

Breakfast in Thailand

This is this symbol of Thailand its name is Phra Khrut Pha. Is pictured a Javanese eagle, it served to indicate the authority of king.

Korean Breakfast

Korea has more than twenty million people and it’s a metropolitan city, Korea is a state in east asia and its capital is Seoul.

Mexican breakfast

Mexico is located in South America, the capital of Mexico is ciudad de méxico, it is located in the lower part of the country.

La storia di Iqbal: per la difesa dei diritti dei fanciulli

“È successo qualcosa che ha cambiato le nostre vite e che ci resterà per sempre”. Questo è ciò che racconta La storia di Iqbal, il romanzo di Francesco D’Adamo basato sulla storia di Iqbal Masih, un ragazzo pakistano di 12 anni che, con l’aiuto di Ehsan Khan, ha lottato contro lo sfruttamento del lavoro minorile