Attività in classe Inglese


7 Mag 2018

We study at Masaccio School, it is a big school. There is a big gym and there are lot of classrooms. We are on the first floor. Our class is very small and there is an interactive board.
In our class there are 26 students, 16 boys and 10 girls. One new student joined in the group at the beginning of the school year. A lot of students have parents who are from Angola, Perù, Sry Lanka and the Philippines. For this reason many of our classemates speak a foreign language, profess a different religion or have different traditions.
We have good teachers and a lot of subjects, but we don’t study a lot. We are a noisy class. We have some qualities but we don’t use them. We are a close class and we have fun. We often play and we go out together after school.

We usually meet in the city centre, in Piazza Alberti, at someone’s house and at Salesiani.

Our class’s name is “FLAMINGOS”; because we are pretty like them and because we like their colour.
We are a great class and we know we can do better.

Emma Gambi   &    Matteo Casella


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