26 Mar 2018

 We use internet twice or three times a day.

We’re not a social networks addicts, but we want to be updated.

We usually go online at home, because there is a connection, and we don’t have to use giga on our mobile.

We use social networks like whatsapp and instagram.

With whatsapp we can chat with our friends, and with instagram we can see photos and videos funny.

We don’t like playing videogames but we love listening to music.

We also use the laptop.

With the laptop we listening and watch music videos.

We use internet for the school project and homeworks.

Our parents give us rules, how to use our mobile.

For example they don’t want that we do homework near our mobile.

We can use our mobile only after lunch, a little time in the afternoon and after dinner.

When we go to bed we have to put it off.

We love internet and we can’t leave without it, because if we don’t have internet, we can’t use whatsapp, instagram and app to listening to music.


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