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How you can build an electrical circuit

26 Mar 2018

⦁ Separate in 2 parts the wire
⦁ Cut the wire in some parts. The parts have to be long as defined on the project
⦁ Draw the project on the wood panel
⦁ Peel, for 1,5 cm, the ends of the wire
⦁ Connect the wires to the lamps
⦁ Fix the wires at the wood panel with the pins
⦁ Connect the switch to o the circuit
⦁ Connect the ends of the wires to the “alligators”
⦁ Connect the “alligators” to the battery
⦁ Switch on the switch

During the process to build the electrical circuit, we had some opportunities to see the characteristics of parallel circuits:
⦁ Once we didn’t screw well one lamp and then we switched on the circuit; the lamp didn’t work while the others worked correctly (it was because it was a parallel circuit)
⦁ Connecting two circuits to the same battery, the light from the lamps didn’t decrease (this is because they are in parallel, too)
Connecting two batteries to the circuit, we saw that they became brighter (this is because the quantity of electricity in the circuit was increased).


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