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Our Holiday in Marina di Castagneto

17 Feb 2017

Marina di Castagneto is in Italy, in Tuscany; it’s a beautiful sea place to spend your holidays.

I have spent a holiday with my mum and my sister.
We stayed for a week at Edoardo’s house: it’s a small detached house ten minutes walk from the sea. It has got a kitchen with tv, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a terrace.
We played football with our friends on the beach, we  went to the swimming pool and to the park. Some evenings we went to the restaurant and after we played miniature golf, football, volleyball and basketball.
We sometimes went to  Cavallino Matto.
Cavallino Matto is an amusement park with roller coasters ,water fights, and other attractions.
It’s in Marina di Castagneto which is a fantastic, beautiful and funny place.
A really nice place to spend a  week with your friends. It is an amazing place because it has a beautiful nature.
I enjoyed my holiday there and overall I appreciated Edoardo’s friendship and hospitality.
He made me feel like his brother.
Giulio and Edoardo