Attività Scolastiche Sport

Our favourite school subject: P.E.

12 Gen 2017

Our favourite school subject is P.E. We have P.E on Mondays and on Fridays. We always have P.E with other classes. On Mondays we share the gym with 1D and on Fridays with 3C. Our teacher is Mrs. Del Prete.

We often start the lessons running for 5 minutes and then we play a game: volleyball, basketball or dodgeball. We hate running because it is boring and tiring. Everybody prefers playing volleyball or dodgeball.

In volleyball there are 2 teams and there is 1 ball. There are 6 people on the court for each team.

In dodgeball there are 2 teams and 2 balls. There are many variations of the game but generally the main objective of each team is to eliminate the members of the opposite team. We always have fun and we love our P.E lessons also because we play team sports and we feel as a group.

Sofia Baldereschi, Bianca Bacci, Nawimana Cosimo


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